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Most leadership development programs fail to meet expectations as managers have a hard time applying what they have learnt in their day-to-day activities. ManageMentor was designed to provide a solution. The application is an interactive, practice-oriented tool which utilizes gamification elements to provide support for managers in the most frequent management & leadership situations and problems. It also provides follow-up to make sure they put what they have learnt in practice.

Always at your fingertips

Where do most leadership development programs fall short?

Organizations face the same problems during leadership development:

  • a good program offers so much new information, so many tips and thoughts that they just cannot be remembered,
  • leadership and management theories are hard to transform with real-life situations; managers can only apply a fraction of what they have learnt in the classroom,
  • most leadership development programs revolve around a false assumption: if managers understand what should be done, they will do it,
  • it is very hard to have managers put their work aside, and they have a very limited amount of time to develop themselves,
  • organizations do not have much information about the results and efficiency of their leadership development programs, nor do they know much about the real activity of the participants,
  • most leadership development programs are costly (trainers, venue, catering, managers’ lost work hours)

How does ManageMentor help you?

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ManageMentor provides support for managers by giving them practical solutions to the most frequent management & leadership situations and issues. It also focuses on applying existing knowledge, therefore it can be a great add-on tool to ongoing development programs in your organization.

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  • ManageMentor answers real-life management & leadership situations, questions and problems with the help of easy-to-understand tips & suggestions,
  • ManageMentor's primary focus is to remind managers on what they should never forget, instead of giving them more and more knowledge to keep in mind,
  • It is at the manager's hand exactly when the problem or question arises, so there is only a short time interval between the moment of learning and the moment of application,
  • managers can develop themselves anywhere and anytime, they can stop learning, continue or start all over when they feel it necessary,
  • leadership courses are designed to support systematic development on different experience levels (basic, advanced, professional),
  • as reading does not equal to learning or doing, managers have to define TODO's for themselves with a specific deadline. The application helps monitor whether they have fulfilled their TODO’s and reminds them to do so via e-mails,
  • quiz sections are used to check if managers have understood the key messages and takeaways from the learning material,
  • ManageMentor provides 'micro-learning' opportunities (3-5 minutes) so that managers could stay with their daily tasks,
  • the application can be used to gain new knowledge or refresh existing knowledge,
  • ManageMentor is based on the fundamentals of positive psychology, behavioral economics, and uses gamification elements,
  • the application provides a cost effective soluiton for a larger manager or leader population at the same time,
  • ManageMentor can be used on smartphone (Android, iOS), tablet and PC, so managers can get help not only from behind their desks but also from their pockets whenever and wherever they need it.

Who is it for?

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We recommend ManageMentor for those small, medium and large enterprises who

  • would like to provide effective and practical leadership support for their managers,
  • would like to develop the skills and competences of their managers,
  • would like their managers to put their leadership knowledge into practice as soon as possible.
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Who are we?

ManageMentor has been developed by Menedzsmentor and Tudatos Vezetés, two European companies with more than 10 years of leadership development experience. The founders, Dr. Róbert Dobay, Tamás Cservenyák and László Filep put their innovative leadership ideas, experience and unique, fun style to create the application to support and develop managers all around the world.

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I am interested, what should I do now?

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If you would like to ask for a proposal, order ManageMentor or simply ask some questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.